kitchen appliancesFinding the right home or kitchen appliance that suit your needs and offers value for money requires thoughtful investment on the buyer’s part. Lot’s of appliances sold today are produced with emphasis on profit for the manufacturer instead of user-friendliness or durability for the user. If you are looking for a particular appliance and you want to make sure you’re not wasting money on a product that ends up collecting dust in one of your cabinets, or one that just won’t stand the test of time you will have to do extensive research. I would advice you to search through the internet, search for reviews on the product you’re interested in, compare ratings and prices, findings from other consumers, etc.

We at took the liberty to do al the hard work for you. For every product / appliance we did research on we made a top 3 representing the best picks for that particular product. They are not necessarily the best model or type of that product available,(which usually mean ridiculous un-affordable prices) but they offer good value for money and perform best according to most users. We compare all tests, reviews etc,etc, We do not sell any products and we advise to buy online through Amazon since they are usually the cheapest and safest web-store you can buy the items we publish.

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Various types of coffee makers

KitchenAid 10-Cup Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker Home Supply Maintenance Store

We’ve reviewed and researched quite a few coffee makers in the past few months. In particular the ones that are supposed to keep your coffee hot and fresh for a prolonged period of time. The so called thermal coffee makers with a carafe made from insulated stainless steel. Apart from that we also did research on coffee makers with grinder for those of you that just can’t go without the fresh taste of coffee grinded seconds before brewing and finally we took a look at the best singe cup coffee makers available today. As always, the products in our top 3 don’t always represent the best ever made. The top 3 represents the ones that get the best rating’s and offer good value for money.


Best blenders

More and more people striving for a better and healthier lifestyle are seeing the benefits of a good blender. If you are one of those people and you’re looking for a blender that can pretty much blend anything,…. we made a top 3 of the best blender for green smoothies and much more


Save and foolproof Knife sharpening systems

Chef's Choice 320 Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener

Nothing is as annoying as cutting your meat or any other type of food with dull kitchen knifes. We took a look at knife sharpening systems that not only do an excellent job at sharpening your knifes to razor blade proportions, but are also fool-proof and can be used by anyone due to pre set angle positioning and build in safety precautions


Non stick frying pans

Easy to clean and you can cook your food with less or sometimes even without the use of butter and oil. A perfectly safe way to cook if you choose to purchase the proper non stick cookware.


Vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaners come in all shapes and sizes. If you happen to be in the market for the best vacuum cleaner for your delicate hardwood floor there are a few things to consider. A scratch is easily made and usually impossible to fix. We researched the best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors out there and pointed out a few things to stay clear from.


Handheld vacuums and vacuums with removable canister

Hoover Platinum LINX Pet Cordless Hand Vacuum, BH50030

Vacuuming a stairway or other hard to reach areas can be an annoying chore. A vacuum for this kind of work should be lightweight and flexible. Handheld vacuums can be a good solution, especially the models equipped with engines that can easily compete with the suction power of a regular vacuum cleaner. For those looking for an all in one solution throughout the whole house there are vacuums with removable (portable) canister which can be detached while manoeuvering through awkward spots. We made a list of the best handheld vacuums for stairs plus a top 3 of regular vacuums with detachable canister.


Espresso machines under 500 dollar

If you want to be able to make espresso’s, but can’t afford to spend 600 dollar or more on a high end model. You can take a pick out of these 3 espresso machines that are priced under 500 dollars and perform just as well as the others minus maybe a few less options or features that won’t effect the quality of your beverage.


Pizza Stones for oven use

You want to make your own pizza’s, but you can’t seem to get it to taste as good as the ones you order from your favorite pizza deliverer. What you need is a good pizza stone to use in your home oven. Cookie sheets and metal pans just won’t do, they leave your pizza crispy on the outside, but soggy at the bottom. A pizza stone can fix that by absorbing the moist from the dough. See the ones we recommend here.


Cookie sheets

Do you like your cookies or bread crispy and dry? Or do you prefer your oven creations evenly browned and retain some moist inside? These factors very much rely on the type of cookie sheet you use. Read more about it in this article


Informational Video’s

Top 10 kitchen gadgets from the international  Home and Housewares show


Well known home and kitchen appliances brands


Philips       Founded in 1891 under the name Royal Philips. Originated in Eindhoven.
Manufacturer of a wide range of healthcare, consumer lifestyle and lighting products.

Cuisinart   Founded in 1971 under the nama Cuisinart. Originated in the united states
Leading brand in cookware, food processors, and other small kitchen appliances and utensils.

Frigidaire   Founded in 1916 under the name Guardian Frigerator Company. Originated in Indiana. Formerly owned by General Motors. Manufacturer of consumer and commercial appliances.

Miele          Founded in 1916 under the name Carl Miele. Originated in Germany. Miele produces domestic appliances including laundry appliances. vacuum cleaners. dishwashers, rotary irons, built-in convection, steam, and speed ovens.

Whirlpool  Founded in 1911 under the name Upton Machine Company. Originated in the United states. Manufacturer and marketer of home and kitchen appliances. In 2006 the Whirlpool Corporation became the largest home appliance maker in the world.

For a full overview of all major home appliance manufacturers see this extensive resource page.


Future reviews:

Currently we are doing research on various home and kitchen appliances. We have got quite a few requests from people looking for a good meat slicer, so we are working on that and expect to be able to present a list of those in the coming weeks. Other appliances being reviewed are:

  • Counter depth refrigerators
  • Steam ovens
  • Yogurt makers
  • Food vacuum sealers

We are working as fast as we can so please be patient,…